Such Video came to be in 1980 and was created out of a simple desire to get into more Big10 basketball games for free.  "Have we got a show for you!" From simple beginnings, right?
From those early years, scrambling along the sidelines and into locker rooms after the big game to where we are now, a few things have remained consistent and true.  We have an ability to develop and maintain great and lasting relationships, and we have the most dedicated and creative crew around.  And it is no surprise that we like our gadgets around here.  We have always been early adopters of technology.
We are much more than a production company.  We are quite simply, a lean creative machine that runs on all cylinders.  With more than ninety years of collective experience in producing documentaries, corporate communications and television commercials for a wide range of public, private and non-profit clients, we stand at the ready to help you make your mark.
We look forward to meeting you.